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Our SERVICES for Organizations

All services, with the exception of event facilitation, start with a Gallup Assessment.  A detailed self-awareness assessment is a critical component to understanding company needs and to providing an accurate development plan.  Below is a list of the most requested services provided.  Please feel free to inquire about any additional development needs not listed below.

Young Business Colleagues

Leadership Workshop: This is an opportunity to develop the most critical skill in leadership, self-awareness.  The Gallup Test will be completed and then a two-hour discovery and development discussion will follow within two weeks of taking the assessment.  The first hour of discussion will be reviewing the assessment and understanding how it relates to leadership.  The second hour of discussion involves approaches and actions items based on the discovery, which can be implemented into your business immediately.  Ideal clients are any business owner interested in leadership and self-awareness development.

  • 4x 1 hour individual coaching sessions with each executive member and 1x 3 hour executive team session.

  • Boss to Coach: 5x 1 hour individual coaching sessions for new managers.

Leadership Workshop and coaching

Business Meeting

Team Development: (1/2 Day or Full Day) IS NOT a ping-pong table and drinking beer, team development IS learning a skill set that will help you professionally and personally.  Employers who invest in their employee's development are 10x more successful than their competitors.

Ex. Strengths Workshop - Do your employees recognize their differences with other team members as conflict or a compliment?  Individuals who understand their strengths and the strengths of experience less conflict, are more engaged as well as more productive.
Ex. Communication Workshop - With all the different ways to communicate we are more challenged with communication than ever before.  The ability to communicate with customers and colleagues at all levels is becoming increasingly important to individual success.  Identifying problematic situations and identifying solutions as well as practicing them allows individuals to be more effective at their job and in life.  

Team Development

Giving a Presentation

Customer Experience or CX Coaching: This is an opportunity to receive an outside perspective and unbiased view of your customers' experiences.  This includes, but is not limited to, written (email, text, etc.) evaluation, verbal evaluation, environmental observations, overall team collaboration, website evaluation, social media evaluation, and value add interactions.  Ideal clients are any business looking to enhance the overall customer experience, to increase customer loyalty, or to increase growth. 

Customer Experience or CX Coaching 

Interpersonal Matching: This is an opportunity for business owners who are exploring bringing in a partner or associate to evaluate the strengths of the potential new partner and explore compatibility within the business.  This provides a full evaluation on the potential partner’s leadership style and behaviors.  Insights on management styles and personalities are of great value to any business owner selling to a different owner and any business owner considering bringing in a partner or associate into their business.  Ideal clients are any business owner who wants an overview of a prospective partner's strengths and blind spots or to understand how they will fit into the organization.  Hiring based on strengths decreases turnover, increases longevity and engagement.  

Talent Based strengths/Interpersonal matching

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